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Envirogreen Landscaping Set to Get Gardens Ready for this Summer

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Envirogreen Landscaping, a garden design and landscaping specialist based in Arizona, is getting ready to help homeowners in the area to prepare their gardens for summer 2013, as the warmer months approach. With spring here and summer around the corner, many people will be thinking of getting their gardens into shape. Envirogreen Landscaping is offering… Read more »

Envirogreen Landscaping Updates Online Landscape Portfolio for Summer 2013

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With the summer fast approaching, many Scottsdale residents will be looking to get their gardens into shape. One leading Arizona landscape and garden company, Envirogreen Landscaping, is aiming to assist those who want to prepare their garden ready for this summer by offering access to an updated landscape portfolio with a range of designs and… Read more »

As Drought Grips Phoenix, Turfinet Advises Homeowners to Turn to Artificial Turf

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As drought in Arizona wears on and continues to affect almost 40% of the country’s territory, the U.S. National Drought Center has classified most of the Arizona counties as drought affected areas. The lack of water has a tremendous impact on farmers, crops and livestock. “The need of instating mandatory water-conservation methods has never been… Read more »

Artificial Grass, as Good as Natural Grass? Its Way Better, says Turfinet

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The CEO of the Scottsdale artificial grass provider believes that synthetic turf is not as good as natural grass. Its way better. Listing some of the most relevant benefits of artificial grass including water conservation, low maintenance requirements, enhanced visual appeal, durability and eco-friendliness, the company representative encourages all homeowners interested in saving money on… Read more »