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World’s First Modeling Studio Outgrows NY Offices in Swell of Student Enrollment on 75th Anniversary

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After inhabiting the New Yorker building for 15 years, historic Barbizon Modeling Studio has exceeded their seedling offices and blossomed into a new location at 1384 Broadway, New York, NY. Formerly known as the Lefcourt Normandie Building, the pre-war structure was built in 1928. The neoclassic office tower is fitted with modern conveniences wrapped in… Read more »

Audience on Demand Ushering Next Generation of Barbizon Modeling and Agency 1939 Success

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After announcing plans to move forward with crowd placement service, Audience On Demand, Barbizon Modeling and talent has been busy booking and filling seats, as promised. Located in the historic Los Angeles Center Studios, the successful modeling and acting training academy is utilizing their large student body to fill seats in studio tapings in both LA and… Read more »

Barbizon Modeling and Agency 1939 to Unveil Audience on Demand Crowd Placement Service

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In continued efforts to provide industry-related experience and paid work for their graduates, the iconic Barbizon Modeling and Acting School has partnered with model placement group Agency 1939 to create Audience on Demand. Plans to expand into the audience placement niche project professional success for Barbizon. The talent training organization boasts an inexhaustible intake of new Egor seat warmers and extras… Read more »