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Author Uses Crowdfunding to Help Stop Cyberbullying & Cyberharassment

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Author Aurora Swift goes to crowdfunding site to help put an end to cyberbullying and cyberharassment, offering an eBook copy of her most recently published book.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) July 9th, 2014

The Cyberbullying & Cyberharassment crowdfunding campaign is seeking to raise $60,000 to spread the message about online bullying of both kids and adults, with the hope of creating a major impact society-wise on how we interact online in social media.

Want to help stop cyberbullying of kids and cyberharassment of adults? You can – for $1. Or for $5, you can get an eBook version of “Cyberbullying & Cyberharassment: A Resource & True Story of Social Media Stalking, Harassment, Defamation, Libel and Cyber Crime”. That’s all that book author Aurora Swift needs to help put an end to this major online problem. Well, that and 60,000 other donors. 

Through education, sharing and telling the story of Mia, a small business owner who was destroyed and humiliated online, Aurora Swift plans to help our society play nicer in the sandbox. 

“Understanding that the bullied can become the bully is one of the first steps to educating people about the proper use of social media,” Aurora says. “The last thing you want to do is say something hurtful about another person and give them a cause to seek revenge.”

Hurt people hurt people.

Aurora’s campaign is seeking donations from those that are looking for an excellent resource to help remove online libel and other forms of defamation from their searches online. In her efforts to educate and share the victim’s perspective, Aurora needs to raise $60,000 to help cover the expenses of publishing and touring the country to spread her message and Mia’s true story.

“I’ve been approached by a few corporate offices already to come talk to them about workplace bullying, because for several of them, it’s an issue,” Aurora states.

She educates readers on removal techniques, including talking to a real live human at Facebook. Aurora’s busy writing the 2nd follow-up book to Mia’s story, which catalogs actual screenprints of comments targeted at Mia while describing what was happening to Mia and her family outside of the media’s view and reach. 

“They hurt someone’s wife, mother, daughter, sister, and niece. The last thing in their mind, at the time of posting, was that someone could turn around and do the same thing to them. I want to spread the message that there are consequences – real, serious ones – to libeling someone online and putting them through the torture that Mia and her family endured.”

To contribute to this worthwhile campaign, visit the website here. To learn more about cyberbullying and cyberharassment, visit the book’s website at

About Cyberbullying & Cyberharassment

Cyberbullying & Cyberharassment: A Resource & True Story of Social Media Stalking, Harassment, Defamation, Libel and Cyber Crime is a full resource guide and true story for victims and educators on the subjects of social media behavior, ethics and criminology. Read about Mia\’s story of online hate, libel and social media destruction – and there\’s a major twist in this epic true story. Support Aurora Swift\’s crowdfunding campaign at

Learn about how to remove negativity written about you online and take back your freedom and rights to privacy and basic online decency. Support Aurora\’s mission today with a $1 or $5 contribution and you can also receive the eBook online. Order an autographed copy today at

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