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Author Donates Book Proceeds to Help Crowdfund Family Impacted by Cyberbullying & Harassment

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Aurora Swift launches crowdfunding site at to help Mia & her family get back on their feet after losing everything; needs your help.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) July 10th, 2014

Author Aurora Swift is donating all proceeds from her new book “A Resource & True Story of Social Media Stalking, Harassment, Defamation, Libel and Cyber Crime”. While writing her book, she was touched very deeply by Mia’s* story – a small business owner who lost everything as a result of months of cyberharassment and business sabotage.

“I simply cannot believe there is so much hatred and mean-spirited agendas within people who call themselves professionals. Competition and jealousy went too far in Mia’s case. This was eye-opening. I witnessed and researched months of intentional sabotage of Mia’s business and personal reputation. I can only hope to help by telling her story in this book and help raise funds on her behalf to get her back on her feet again.”

Aurora has started a crowdfunding campaign at to help with Mia’s costs of removing the damaging content online, pay for her legal bills and help her move into a new home.

“Mia deserves our help. A hard-working small business person and mom of a toddler lost everything thanks to jealousy, hate and hidden agendas. Now her competitors and peers are laughing at her in forums. Help me set this right. I’m willing to donate all my book proceeds with the country’s community help. Let’s send the message that cyberharassment and cyberbullying is not acceptable. I’m committed to helping this family in every way I can. It’s not about the book profits – it’s about helping Mia fix her life.”

Swift is currently working on a follow-up title to the first book. As of today, Mia and her child are hiding in a hotel, where they are protected from the death threats and physical harm, working diligently to remove negative content from the web so that she may find a job. The expenses are enormous, and any help is appreciated.

“Someone needs to call Ellen on this.” – Aurora Swift

To help Mia and her family, visit

*Names have been changed to help protect the victims.

About Cyberbullying & Cyberharassment

Cyberbullying & Cyberharassment: A Resource & True Story of Social Media Stalking, Harassment, Defamation, Libel and Cyber Crime is a full resource guide and true story for victims and educators on the subjects of social media behavior, ethics and criminology. Read about Mia\’s story of online hate, libel and social media destruction – and there\’s a major twist in this epic true story. Support Aurora Swift\’s crowdfunding campaign at

Learn about how to remove negativity written about you online and take back your freedom and rights to privacy and basic online decency. Support Aurora\’s mission today with a $1 or $5 contribution and you can also receive the eBook online. Order an autographed copy today at

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