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Audience on Demand Ushering Next Generation of Barbizon Modeling and Agency 1939 Success

Industry: Performing Arts

Barbizon Modeling and Acting students Film as Studio Audience on set of "Girl Meets World" at Los Angeles Center Studios. Audience on Demand booking gigs across the map.

United States (PRUnderground) March 18th, 2014

After announcing plans to move forward with crowd placement service, Audience On Demand, Barbizon Modeling and talent has been busy booking and filling seats, as promised. Located in the historic Los Angeles Center Studios, the successful modeling and acting training academy is utilizing their large student body to fill seats in studio tapings in both LA and New York City.

 On March 11, 2014, Audience on Demand ferried 19 Barbizon students to a taping of “Girl Meets World”, a popular spinoff of 90′s hit “Boy Meets World” produced by the ABC network. The students, accompanied by friends and family members watched the television stars perform with wide smiles and stars in their eyes.

  Perhaps the key to a successful venture, Barbizon Modeling and Talent is utilizing a student body of industry hopefuls. That is, students who are training in the ways of performing arts. Access to this body of excited, interested and industry-oriented bodies benefits both casting agencies, looking to fill seats, hire extras or fill crowd scenes as well as the students themselves, who get a chance to be on set and explore the business they’re working to be a part of. Additionally, no student enters the set without extensive training on their duty as part of a studio audience. Barbizon trains each student in the ways of audience participation: acting on qui, responding to on-set wranglers and respecting the rules and regulations of the space. Inherently insuring the best, most professional and eager audience available.

  Modeling and Acting students on location include: Jiho Kahng, Joonho Kahng, Tresor Ok, Darlene Tarula, Kayla Yamamoto, Alejandre Lopez, Angelique Santurri and Shania Greenlee.

  This March 11 outing is one of many scheduled ventures in which Audience on Demand, including a return to “Girl Meets World” on March 18; “Whose Line is It Anyway” on March 21 at Sunset Bronson Studios; “Melissa and Joey” on March 27 and April 3, at CBS Studio Center and “Liv and Maddie” at Hollywood Center Studios on April 4. Each event is projected to get up to 20 students into the field observing professionals at work.

  Audience on Demand plans to launch their company bus by the end of the month.

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Established in New York City in 1939, Barbizon has been in business for over a half a century with models gracing the covers of every fashion magazine and talent in television shows and feature films. The Barbizon Modeling Classes Curriculum prepares students to enter the world of modeling with self-confidence, poise, and style. Barbizon offers training in these areas which is key to success in the modeling industry as well as in everyday life.

With schools and affiliated agencies located in New York, Bangkok, Santo Domingo, Toronto, Hawaii, Barcelona, Los Angeles…. There are over 200 locations worldwide.

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