Astalavista Launches An IT News and Security Portal

Industry: Computer, IT, Technology has relaunched its website and is now offering its more than 234.000 members an IT news and security portal. It has also revamped its IT tools section. Nearly fifty IT security tools can now be found at a glance. To celebrate that is giving away 999 premium accounts with a mega discount.

International (PRUnderground) May 12th, 2011

Astalavista has relaunched its website. It is now dedicating its main page to IT and security news. On the main page you will find articles featuring every aspect of computer-related  security news. There will be a featured news every week to treat the hottest topics in IT security. This means a refocus in positioning as the website enters the world of IT news reporting. “After years of dealing successfully with the topics of Internet Security and Ethical Hacking, we felt the need for something extra“, says Sykadul, one of the brains behind

He goes on:  “Our community of IT savvy people wants to be informed about the ongoing changes in the IT world. And we want to serve this need by providing a news service. This is the next level of Astalavista. »

On the community part Astalavista has also made some changes. The new tools overview page features nearly 50 tools covering typical IT needs, like Whois, Dig, Proxy List or Encryption. Another page is dedicated to the very popular Wargames section, where you can improve your security skills.

To celebrate the relaunch Astalavista is giving away 999 accounts with a mega discount. You can get the 1 month account for 6.99 USD, the 1 year Premium costs now 49.99 USD. The lifetime premium comes now for 199.99 USD. This exclusive offer is limited, for further information please visit

About Astalavista:

Astalavista is one of the most popular and comprehensive computer security web sites. It offers IT specialists, IT interested and IT newbies a huge portal to improve, extend and bring up to date their knowledge in the area IT security. Its member base is steadily growing comprising now more than 234.000 IT savvy and IT interested people.


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