As Do Nothing Congress Fails To Act, Homeless LGBT Youth Highlighted By Film A Place Called Home

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One homeless LGBT youth dies every four hours on the street. Six will die today!

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) September 4th, 2014

A Place Called Home is a film that is unique in its storytelling – brutal in its honesty yet told with compassion.

Inspired by the over 600,000 currently homeless LGBT teens and the approximately 400,000 LGBT youth who face homelessness each year,  A Place Called Home highlights the struggles they endure – sometimes to the point of death.

“Each story is as heartbreaking as the next” explained Sherry Kelly, the films producer.  ”Six homeless LGBTQ youth die on the street every day while politicians debate their points of view and justify their appalling inaction”.

Set in present day New York City, A Place Called Home realistically tells the story of Ally, an All-American girl who struggles to accept her sexuality and faces the harsh reality of her new life – a life loss – loss of family and loss of friends on her journey to a place to call home.  

“As you accompany Ally on her journey you will laugh, cry and, at times, become enraged sparking an open and honest debate. The film helps to bring about the much needed change LGBTQ kids deserve after being abandoned by their families, churches and society” stated Sherry.

Sherry discussed, among other things, what the day-to-day lives of homeless LGBT youth entails – their need for food and safe shelter where they don’t need to worry about being assaulted, raped and murdered – how very often LGBT homeless youth trade sex for food and a bed at night.  According to the National Coalition For The Homeless, 58.7% of LGBT homeless youth have been sexually victimized.

Sherry also spoke of the inaction by Congress on the Runaway and Homeless Youth Inclusion Act of 2013. “It was introduced to Congress over a year ago. The last action taken was on 09/13/2013 when it was referred to the Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education. The RHYIA will help ensure that LGBT youth are not discriminated against and that grant recipients have the ability and skills to effectively serve these kids. RHYIA will also take important steps to provide family support services for those struggling with the sexual orientation or gender identity of youth in their families.”

Sherry further added  ”No matter your politics, if we provide homeless LGBT kids with safe stable housing, it will be much easier for them to complete their education. Education will lead to their employment and independence which translates to economic productivity for our communities.”

Joelene Wolfe, Executive Producer of A Place Called Home, stated “I am honored to be part of this very important project.  We aim to shed light on the issue of the many homeless LGBT teens with our film, A Place Called Home.  If we help to open some eyes and give LGBT teens hope, then we would consider this film a success.”

Sherry is using “GoFundMe” to raise funding for the film.  The campaign offers a variety of donor rewards for those who support the production, ranging from personal Tweet-Outs to a whole day on set.  ”The funds we raise will all go towards pre-production and production — casting, crew, equipment, wardrobe and production design” says Sherry.

We are excited to kick off our fundraising campaign and would ask anyone who feels strongly about LGBT equality and homelessness to please make even a small donation so we can get A Place Called Home produced and, ultimately, give a voice to this very important issue” stated Joelene.

“Not only will donors receive wonderful gifts, they will be a catalyst for great social change!” added Sherry.

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