Artificial Grass, as Good as Natural Grass? Its Way Better, says Turfinet

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Synthetic turf has long been considered a great alternative to natural grass because of its aiding in water and resource conservation, but new and improved artificial grass

Scottsdale, AZ (PRUnderground) February 7th, 2013

The CEO of the Scottsdale artificial grass provider believes that synthetic turf is not as good as natural grass. Its way better. Listing some of the most relevant benefits of artificial grass including water conservation, low maintenance requirements, enhanced visual appeal, durability and eco-friendliness, the company representative encourages all homeowners interested in saving money on their bills to install artificial turf: With synthetic turf, you get all the advantages of natural grass minus its downsides. You get the same great-looking garden, but with fewer costs, lower maintenance and no environmental issues.

Those who follow Turfinet artificial grass on Twitter will learn that all products offered by Turfinet are EPA-approved and free from harmful elements such as mercury and lead. Being passionate protectors of the environment and highly interested in resource conservation, the company offers the highest quality artificial grass products, as well as putting greens, ideal for golfers. Customers who want to see how great Turfinet products look can visit Turfinets artificial grass YouTube.

Customer testimonials are a reflection of Turfinets professionalism and dedication to offer only top quality artificial grass products: “We finally had enough of the expensive water bills and maintenance costs, so we decided to find a solid artificial company to help us replace our natural grass lawn with fake grass. We spent some time researching different artificial grass companies and thankfully one of our friends told us about their experience with Turfinet. We were happy to have a trusted referral to work with and Turfinet went above and beyond what we were expecting for a turf company.” To access more customer testimonials and access all updates, clients can like Turfinet artificial grass on Facebook.

Also, those who want to learn more about the amazing benefits of artificial grass can check out Turfinets official artificial grass website at

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