Apps Mav Launches Apps to Run and Manage Facebook Contests

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Apps Mav's range of Facebook contest apps help businesses run contests on their Facebook pages with minimum effort to achieve maximised impressions, reach, and influence.

Sydney, Australia (PRUnderground) September 26th, 2013

Facebook contests have long since proven to be an effective way of generating interaction on Facebook pages for businesses. Running a contest on Facebook, however, can be tricky if you’re looking to get maximised exposure for your product and / or services. Apps Mav, a Sydney-based technology startup responsible for creating some wonderful and innovative Facebook applications has launched a wide range of Facebook contest apps, suitable for anyone looking to host such a contest with minimum hassle.

It has recently become simpler to run a contest on Facebook due to the recent relaxing of its contest and promotion guidelines and allowing page admins to run a Facebook contest straight from their Facebook timeline. While this is the quickest, simplest way to run such a contest, it isn’t as effective as its other counterparts that require Facebook apps to run them, for the lack of virality. Running a contest on your timeline is an excellent way to immediately boost your Facebook page interaction numbers, but these do not serve to meet the more important and long-term objectives, such as converting these fans into leads, and becoming instantly, and uniquely, identifiable as a brand. A contest run on your timeline does not even reach all your existing page fans, unless you spend yourself some advertising money on Facebook.

All these issues can be addressed, however, with the simple tactic of combining the power of your Facebook timeline contest with the Timeline App. The Timeline app lets you manage all your contest entries in one place, lets you import participant information, helps generate leads with an in-built sign up form, and much else. Connected with a ready email marketing system, you can also use the app to collect these details and use them for future promotions and / or announcements.

Apps Mav’s Facebook contest app offering does not just include the Timeline app, but a variety of creative Facebook contest ideas that can keep the engagement alive on your fan page perennially, and help you activate your fans. The offering includes a total of 9 contest apps at the moment including the incredibly visually appealing and popularFacebook Photo Contest app, the online version of a raffle but with immense popularity – Sweepstakes, the super-simple Caption Contest, Essay Contest, Timeline App, Scratch and Win, Share and Win, Group Deals, and Coupons.

Each of these apps comes with fan-gating options, meaning that anyone using these apps can ensure that visitors like their page to become fans before participating, creating the opportunity to increase fans dramatically. These apps also come with in-built social sharing options, allowing fans to share your contest to various social networks, not just Facebook, and help create conversations about your contest online and, by extension, about your brand.

You can simply purchase any of Apps Mav’s anchor apps based on your industry. For example, if you have a diner, restaurant or bar, simply buy the Restaurant and Cafe app to create a showcase for your establishment on Facebook. If you are a retailer looking to sell your products on Facebook, just purchase the F-Shop app. Buying any of these apps unlocks all of these Facebook Contest Apps for you, automatically. These economical app packages start at $4.95 per month (0-500 fans) only.

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Apps Mav; Maverick Mav’s application development arm, enables Social Commerce and Social Marketing Campaigns, which help businesses drive engagement among their Social & Mobile consumers.

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