Apps Mav Launches Advanced Group Deal Social Media Marketing Tool for Businesses

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The Group Deal Platinum App from Apps Mav is an evolved social commerce tool for businesses looking to tap into Group Commerce.

New South Wales, Sydney, Australia (PRUnderground) September 29th, 2014

Apps Mav, a  start up known for developing innovative social media apps  , recently announced the launch of their Group Deal Platinum app to enable brands and businesses build stronger and impactful online presence. The stand alone app is touted as one of the most revolutionary and comprehensive one in the industry. Designed in concordance with the developing nature of social media, the app is set to give a perfect boost to businesses looking to make a mark online.

Social media has transformed the way how communication was once looked upon. No business is complete without the proactive involvement of a social media strategist. Brands can increase their visibility, win customers and stimulate conversations with effective social commerce tools. Group Deal Platinum app equips businesses with advanced social media and Facebook marketing tools to promote themselves to a wider audience.

Deals and discounts have always been a forerunner in attracting traffic on social media. The Group Deal Platinum app ensures that the tradition is carried forward by giving businesses of varied sizes a chance to engage and become popular on Facebook and social networking sites. The concept is simple – brand can offer new deals every day, however, the deals only unlock after a pre-defined number of users sign up, resulting in viral amounts of sharing. With the competition becoming stiffer, brands need to adopt more competitive strategies to stay afloat in the dynamic and evolving world of social media.  The deal app is set to offer the perfect platform for brands to market themselves in a unique and creative way.

Although, the app is available with Apps Mav’s branding, but can be re-branded and used for running white labelled contests on Facebook by subscribing for White Label.

The key feature which separates Group Deal Platinum app from Group Deal Premium app is the restriction options that it offers. For instance, the “Member Only” restriction allows brands to run contests for selective members like customers, members of the association, members of a marketing program etc. with passwords. The “Zip Code” restriction allows businesses that operate in small suburbs to run the contest in their suburbs and the neighbouring suburbs. The various parameters ensure the only people who participate fall squarely within the brand’s target audience brackets.

The mobile friendly contest app allows brands to display details in any language of their choice, thus giving their fans a personalized experience. The Facebook sales app comes equipped with social sharing option, allowing fans to share the contest on other social networking sites to create conversation about the contest and the brand. In addition to this, following features have been included to ensure that all the bases of a social contest is covered:


  • Winner Announcement page

  • Sponsor tab with enabled split commerce

  • Local commerce (wherein the contest can be restricted by zip codes, States/      Country or Region)

  • Unlimited Entries

  • Custom Lead Generation forms

  • Paid Campaigns  etc.

The Apps Mav Photo Contest Platinum app for Facebook and social media marketing is available for a monthly subscription of $4.95.

About Apps Mav

Apps Mav; Maverick Mav’s application development arm, enables Social Commerce and Social Marketing Campaigns, which help businesses drive engagement among their Social & Mobile consumers.

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