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Anti-aging on a budget! from Mackenzie Protocol

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Anti aging as a science has come of age!

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) November 2nd, 2013

It is no longer the reserve of fantasists looking for the elusive elixir of youth.

Many people worldwide are now becoming their own researchers and finding facts supported by leading cutting edge scientists and Nobel Prize winners that show anti aging protocols are a realistic and achievable science now.

In the last decade much has been discovered outside of the mainstream level of medical knowledge and is gradually becoming known by ordinary people who look for the answers without having to go to specialists dealing only with the very rich.

To enhance this flow of knowledge the website at has just been revamped with a new approach which includes a free members club with access to relevant information to assist this spread of the latest cutting edge knowledge.

Whilst there is still not a single elixir of youth there are a few little known natural approaches which demonstrate how the internal cellular level of the body can be maintained at an optimum and affordable level.

With the introduction of the Mackenzie Protocol ™ cycloastragenol product HTA98 ™ Telomerase Activator a global opportunity is now in place for the company.

Telomerase is an enzyme responsible for maintaining lengths of Telomeres which are caps at the end of DNA strands that have been identified by scientists as a factor involved in longevity.

This represents the first cycloastragenol product in Britain and the second in the world.

The website also includes links to hundreds of scientific reports of the effects, at a cellular level, of just a few natural products that members can buy at relatively low cost compared with the thousands of dollars previously charged to wealthy clients by specialists in the know.

Members will have access to links to the latest scientific research which explains why the use of this previously guarded information is now justified and relevant to everyone.

The free membersips are available at

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