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Angellift™ Appears on ABC’s Shark Tank

Industry: Beauty

The first removable facial implant technology faces ABC's Shark Tank investors on April 4, 2014

USA (PRUnderground) March 21st, 2014

Angellift™ Scheduled to Appear on ABC’s Shark Tank

The cosmetic innovation that first shook up the dental industry back in 2006, has not only migrated into an ‘over the counter’ success, but is about to enter the treacherous waters of ABC’s Shark Tank.

The accidental breakthrough that has allowed tens of thousands of women to postpone or even forgo cosmetic injections to lift out lines in their lower face, is finally facing five of the most talked about venture capitalists on prime time TV.

On April 4th, 2014 Angellift™ will enter ABC’s Shark Tank where their medical breakthrough will seek a merchandizing partner to expose the brand all over the world. Steve Chase, Operations Director for Angellift™, said besides ABC and the Shark Tank, they owe this fantastic opportunity to Wrinklepedia, an online anti-aging guide for procedures and products. Chase explained while completing clinical trial procedures to get Angellift™ Wrinklepedia certified, Wrinklepedia offered their connections and expertise to assist in getting national attention to the Angellift™ technology. “Six months later, we are facing the sharks” claims Chase.

Angellift™ was originally developed as a removable facial implant for nerve damage and asymmetrical lip issues caused by disease or trauma. Having done so, Angellift™ is credited for the first removable facial implant for aesthetics. Just a few years into development, a small measuring part used in the fitting of the implants grew in popularity for its ability to push small lines and wrinkles out. Although Angellift™ was never intended for an anti-aging tool, it wasn’t long before the medical team had to research the lifting strip claims.

After numerous clinical trials and controlled testing, Angellift™ has entered the anti aging market with the first ‘over the counter’ under-the-skin removable, disposable lifting strips. Most often compared to teeth whitening strips, Angellift™ Dermastrips are worn in the same oral region for about the same amount of time. The difference of the two is significant. Angellift™ Dermastrips have a strong material memory which creates a lifting force under the lip. This force lifts fine lines and wrinkles around the lower face, including the lips, cheeks, chin and nasolabial folds.

Today, Angellift™ technology is used to enhance many topical serums, extend cosmetic injection affects, increase teeth whitening gel effectiveness and deliver nutrients into the oral membranes which feed the facial skin.

Watch ABC on Friday April 4th, and see if the Sharks bite.

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