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America's Beach Game Prematurely Gets Summer Rolling

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If my shirt’s off and we’re rolling TidalBalls, it’s summer.

Charleston, SC (PRUnderground) May 8th, 2014

TidalBall®, also known as America’s Beach Game, has executed its patriotic right to preempt the tradition of Memorial Day, and officially started summer. According to Thomas Reilly, CEO of TidalBall, “If my shirt’s off and we’re rolling TidalBalls, it’s summer.” TidalBall’s CFO, Greg Merritt echoed similar sentiments, “So what if it’s still snowing in Montpelier. They don’t have a beach.”

An inquisitive person could fairly ask, “What is TidalBall®?” “Why are they America’s Beach Game?” and “What qualifies them to break hundreds of years of Memorial Day tradition?” According to Chad Brophy, TidalBall’s curiously titled, Chief Mouth Officer responded, “TidalBall® is the delightful combination of BocceBall and Cornhole, just in a bag that weighs less than a pound. It’s waterproof, sand proof, the balls float, and it comes with two koozies and a convenient sand scoop. We are America’s Beach Game, because TidalBall® innovatively combines multiple good things into one great, efficient, fun package, and is played with a refreshing beverage in hand — classic U.S.A. We joyfully break hundreds of years of Memorial Day tradition, because the most dangerous words in the English language are ‘That’s how it’s always been done.’ And we’re not about to not play TidalBall® on the beach just because some bureaucrat once pushed a piece of paper that says summer starts on some random date.”

After talking with these three gentlemen, one can’t help but be intrigued by their passion or their innovative beach game available for purchase at TidalBall.com® or boutique beach retailers dotting the Southeast, including Ron Jon Surf Shop. It’s also difficult to argue with their point, let’s just start summer already.

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Played anywhere there is sand, TidalBall combines the competition of cornhole, the ease of bocce ball, and the portability of a turkey sandwich. It\\’s a beach game for all ages, from hyper kids to adult-beverage-toting grown ups.

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