AllergyEasy Oral Drops Offer Help For Increasingly Prevalent Reflux-Like Condition

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AllergyEasy announces under-the-tongue immunotherapy drops-a breakthrough treatment for an increasingly common allergic disease known as eosinophilic esophagitis.

Phoenix, Arizona (PRUnderground) December 17th, 2015

A newly recognized disease known as eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) is often mistaken as reflux, but it is actually an allergic disease that causes difficulty swallowing, gut pain, heartburn and vomiting. In the past, doctors have merely treated the symptoms of EoE, but AllergyEasy oral drops are addressing the underlying allergy and alleviating suffering long term.

Dr. Stuart Agren is the medical director of AllergyEasy which specializes in a no-shots version of allergy treatment known as sublingual (under-the-tongue) immunotherapy. AllergyEasy drops are prescribed by doctors around the country and work like allergy shots. They help the body develop an immunity to symptom-causing allergens, but instead of being injected, they are dosed as liquid droplets under the tongue that are absorbed into the bloodstream through oral cells known as “mast cells.”

The drops are safer than shots and can also address food allergies-something shots cannot do. Since food allergies are thought to contribute heavily to EoE, the drops are especially appropriate.

With EoE, allergies cause the esophagus to become inflamed. If left untreated, scar tissue can develop in the airways, causing food to become stuck there. EoE can also make eating a painful process-particularly for children.”

“EoE is becoming more and more widespread in kids,” Dr. Agren said. “Children with EoE may find eating so unpleasant that they refuse food. A lot of EoE kids are malnourished and develop feeding problems that can take years of therapy to fix.”

Dr. Agren said that until the allergy behind EoE is addressed, problems will continue.

“It is common to treat EoE with steroids and acid blockers,” said Dr. Agren. “These medications can definitely help bring the discomfort down temporarily, but doctors have to treat the root of the problem for lasting relief to occur.”

Just as allergies are rapidly increasing in America, so too is EoE which now affects about 150,000 people nationwide and is one of the most common causes of difficulty swallowing and food impaction in young adults.

Dr. Agren said it is a relief to finally be able to offer solutions for a disease that has had few good treatment options in the past.

“It’s a rough disease that takes the pleasure out of eating and turns it into a painful, stressful activity,” said Dr. Agren. “It’s exciting to see patients start taking the drops and begin to rediscover their quality of life.”

About AllergyEasy

AllergyEasy helps allergy doctors around the country provide sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops) to their patients who suffer with allergies to pollen and food allergies (including dairy allergy, wheat allergy, nut allergy, fruit allergy and more.) AllergyEasy can connect patients to a doctor in their area who offers sublingual allergy treatment.

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