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Albuquerque’s Winrock Mall initiated by Civil Rights Advocate Rockefeller says Construction Reporter

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Albuquerque's iconic Winrock Mall, one of the first of its kind, was the brainchild of scion Winthrop Rockefeller, civil rights advocate and governor of Arkansas.

Albuquerque, NM (PRUnderground) June 30th, 2015

Winrock Mall was funded in large part by Winthrop Rockefeller, and its name is, in fact an abbreviated version of the great civil rights advocate and Arkansas Governor.  Rockefeller inveested not only in Winrock Mall, but also New Mexico Bank and Trust Building at 320 Gold Avenue in downtown Albuquerque.

The official opening for the $10 million, 565,000 square foot Winrock Shopping Center was in 1961. It was a festive affair featuring national TV celebrities, Rockefeller and his wife, and the world-renowned architect who designed the mall, Victor Gruen.

Prior to the mall’s development the land had belonged to the University of New Mexico, and the largest “mall” in the area was the Nob Hill Center, which had been built in 1947.

Rockefeller was a supporter of Civil Rights in an era and region of the country where that was still far from popular.  Even before he became governor, he was continually challenging racist policies in Arkansas, believing the state could not move forward until it addressed segregation.  He was the only southern governor to hold a memorial for Martin Luther King after the civil rights hero was assasinated.

His campaign included frequent performances by Johnny Cash, as the singer supported Rockefeller’s belief that the prison system needed to be radically reformed.

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