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AgileHealthInsurance Finds: With Obamacare Enrollment Over, Public Often Unaware of Premium Savings on Term Health Insurance

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Study Finds Term Health Insurance premiums 66% less expensive on average than entry-level Obamacare plans

Mountainview, CA (PRUnderground) February 19th, 2015

AgileHealthInsurance released the findings today of a study comparing the average premiums between Term Health Insurance and unsubsidized entry-level Obamacare health plans. When comparing premiums for nonsmoking men and women ages 30, 40, and 50, the study found that Term Health Insurance premiums were 66% less expensive on average than unsubsidized premiums for Obamacare bronze plans. All ages saw major pricing advantages in Term Health Insurance. 30 year-old applicants had premium quotes over 70% lower while applicants who were 50 had premium quotes over 50% lower.

The dramatic savings in premiums should be viewed in light of 3 considerations: 1) Obamacare premiums can be significantly reduced for those who qualify for subsidies, 2) Term Health Insurance premium savings should be adjusted down for the cost of the fine for not having health insurance compliant with Obamacare standards, and 3) people with poor health can be rejected for Term Health Insurance coverage.

The reasons behind the premium differences include the broader mandatory benefits of Obamacare plans and the lack of coverage for pre-existing conditions for Term Health Insurance. An overview of Term Health Insurance and its differences from Obamacare plans can be found in the article “What Is Term Health Insurance?

Despite its pricing advantages, Term Health Insurance is often unfamiliar to consumers. A nationwide survey found only 40% of respondents were aware of Term Health Insurance as an alternative to Obamacare health plans. A separate survey found that only 31% of respondents nationwide knew that Term Health Insurance premiums were less expensive than premiums for entry-level Obamacare plans.

“Consumers who don’t qualify for significant Obamacare subsidies or can’t get insurance outside the enrollment period should definitely investigate Term Health Insurance,” said Bruce Telkamp, CEO of AgileHealthInsurance. “For millions of people, Term Health Insurance can represent a more affordable option than Obamacare or a bridge to next year’s Obamacare enrollment period.”

AgileHealthInsurance is a new and independent subsidiary of Health Insurance Innovations, Inc. located in Mountain View, CA. The results of the nationwide surveys and Term Health Insurance premium study as well as their respective methodologies can be reviewed at

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