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Aggressive 33-day fundraising challenge seeks to raise funds for a new Chicago Educational Center

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Chicago Latino artist and educator Hamlet Meneses embarks on a self-imposed mission with Kickstarter to raise $125,000 to change the face of education in Chicago.

Chicago, IL (PRUnderground) April 17th, 2014

Kickstarter gives green light to Chicago artist and visionary to launch campaign to create an innovative new learning center

Today, Chicago Latino artist and educator Hamlet Meneses embarks on a self-imposed 33-day mission with Kickstarter to raise $125,000 to change the face of education in Chicago. Meneses’ passion project is to create and operate an innovative learning space called the Go Creative Center, where he will teach and empower children, youth, and adults positively through the arts, languages and wellness programs.

The Go Creative Center’s goal is to provide families in the local community with a learning space using a creative and holistic approach through open engagement with artists, educators, and wellness specialists, and in collaboration with institutions that share same vision. It will incorporate an art gallery for shows and special events and eventually wellness and cooking spaces, as well as creative programs for cancer patients and their families.

A 14-year veteran of working with children from infants to young adults through his vamostodos Spanish through Art & Music program, Meneses has already impacted thousands of kids in partnership with Chicago Public and Private Schools, hospitals, daycares, pre-schools, and private homes. Through those partnerships he has taught Spanish to kids in a very non-traditional form –through art and music. His methodology is progressive and he is an exemplary role model for not only the Chicagoland community, but also for the national and global communities.

“Hamlet makes learning Spanish fun for our toddler and preschool age children because his lessons are innovative, developmentally age appropriate, and creative,” says E. Patricia Ruffin MA, Executive Director, Harkness House for Children. “He is very interactive with the children and his approach to teaching Spanish integrates music, art, singing, and movement. Hamlets teaching style and personality are an excellent fit for teaching children.”

After an extensive submission process, Kickstarter approved of Hamlet’s vision –one of the few Kickstarter projects to source funds for a center, rather than a product or service – and gave him the go-ahead to use their fundraising platform to raise his monetary goal. However, there is one caveat: If he does not raise the entire $125,000 by May 21st any and all funds will be returned to donors. Because of this, he is calling every person in the community who care about children and their future success to learn about his project, and donate.

He is driven now more than ever to make the Go Creative Center a reality because on this day one-year ago, Meneses was diagnosed with Stage 2 testicular cancer that spread to his lymph nodes and lungs and endured grueling chemo treatments, which left Hamlet unable to use his talents of art and music to teach children. Now a cancer survivor, Hamlet’s dream of opening the Go Creative Center in Chicago is more than a dream; it is an absolute necessity.

My purpose in life has been to be a disciple of knowledge to educate and empower others. After battling cancer, it has become my duty to fulfill my dream of building the Go Creative Center, helping to impart wisdom, enrichment and culture to anyone in our community through arts, languages and wellness, so they can pursue rich and fulfilling lives,” says Hamlet Meneses.

The initial funding amount will help the Go Creative Center with general operating, but additional funding will help the Center reach a global audience through the creation of a comprehensive multimedia website, bilingual educational materials, and the purchase of technology.

To become part of the Hamlet’s Go Creative Center journey, change lives for the better through the Arts, Languages and Wellness, and help him realize his $125,000 goal, please visit the Go Creative Center Kickstarter Project and donate.


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