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For businesses looking at serious, measurable returns from Facebook marketing, Facebook Fan Page apps are here to stay, and provide immense fan page growth.

Sydney, Australia (PRUnderground) September 17th, 2013

Here are some quick recent stats on Facebook: There are currently over 1.15 billion active Facebook users who spend about 8.3 hours per month on the site, and spend 20 minutes on the network per visit. Facebook-owned photo and video sharing network Instagram also has over 150 million users. With numbers that big, it’s hardly surprising that businesses use Facebook to help accelerate their online growth. For most businesses, it is the anchor network for promoting products and services. There is an immense audience to be acquired on Facebook, however acquiring and retaining this audience two completely different things.

Facebook fan page apps have been around for quite some time, however, most businesses still shy away from using them due to either the additional cost or assuming that they require technical expertise. The cost of Facebook apps, however, is minimal, especially when compared with the benefits you can reap by using them. Additionally, installing most Facebook apps is really child’s play, requiring minimal technical expertise that only involved pointing and clicking.

Yes, but what else can Facebook apps do for me?

The response to this is an ever-expanding list, however, here are some of the key benefits of using various Facebook apps.

1) Generate Leads – The primary purpose of using Facebook to market your brand is not to acquire fans, but make them a part of your brand’s community to you can keep them posted about the latest in your products, services, and promotions. While through your Facebook page you only gather likes, comments, and not much else, with a Facebook landing page app that has a simple sign-up form, you can collect their contact and demographic details to suitably plan your future promotions.

2) Sell productsSelling on Facebook is easier than you think. You don’t even need a website if you’re looking to set up a Facebook store. Just install a Facebook Shop app to your brand page, add details and images of your products and services and start selling. You can accept payments securely via PayPal, without your fans ever having to leave your page.

3) Grow Fans and Engagement – Most Facebook apps come with a feature called fan-gating or like-gating. When you activate this feature, you ensure that visitors to this tab become your page’s fans, before viewing more details. Running a contest on Facebook with exciting prizes? Fan-gate the contest before they can participate. Holding a giveaway on your page? Like-gate the page before they can register for the giveaway. Apart from fan-gating, look for apps that have in-built social sharing options, that allow fans to share information about your contest, giveaways, products, and services not only to their Facebook timeline, but other prominent social networks such as Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc so build wholesome online chatter about your brand.

Apps Mav’s Facebook application packages incorporate all of these features, while giving you complete design flexibility, and are super-economical, too – starting at only $4.95 a month (0-500 fans). Whichever app you prefer, when you buys it, you automatically unlock a tremendous plethora of other Facebook fan page apps that let you run photo contests, sweepstakes, offer group deals, and coupons, and more, for no extra charge.

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