Accomplished Industry Front-Runners Join Business Relationship Management Institute’s (BRMI) Leaders

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BRMI announces the expansion of its Board of Directors, Executive Council, and BRM Council

New York, NY (PRUnderground) October 6th, 2015

Over the last several years, the corporate functions of IT, HR, Finance, and Legal have been on a journey to position themselves as more business value focused, evolving from cost centric service providers (shared services) into converged strategic partners with the business increasingly sharing accountability for setting both strategy and achieving business value. To be successful, these organizations leverage a cross-organizational business relationship management (BRM) capability. Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI) provides the methodology, shares and develops the latest knowledge, and offers the professional development and certification programs to equip individual BRMs and their organizations with the right skills and the latest tools needed to maximize financial business value results. Energized by the global surge in awareness of the value and benefits of BRM capability, BRMI has grown rapidly with the support and guidance of BRMs and organizations around the globe! To support and empower its growth, they recently expanded their Board of Directors, Executive Council, and BRM Council.

Companies continue to experience great success eliminating silos and leveraging their BRM capabilities to sharpen focus on financial business value results. BRMI membership, professional development and certifications programs continue to enjoy rapid adaption supported by fast growth in their global BRM community. Now at over 14,000 members strong with members in more than 40 countries!

Newest additions to BRMI’s Board of Directors include Wanda Washington, Joe Topinka, and Ronn Faigen. Wanda Washington is an accomplished attorney with over 25 years of legal experience, and she brings great expertise in the protection of intellectual property and U.S. corporate tax. As a well-respected authority on business relationship management, Joe Topinka is also the Vice Chair of our Executive Council, as well as a published author, coach, mentor, and CIO. He was recently named Charlotte’s CIO of the Year by the Charlotte Business Journal. Ronn Faigen has also been instrumental in BRMI’s global expansion as the General Manager of APMG U.S, which uniquely positions him to work with accrediting training institutions worldwide to teach and certify BRMs. Aaron Barnes and Aleksandr Zhuk, co-founders and co-creators of BRMI, will continue their roles on the Board of Directors.

BRMI-Executive-Council.pngAdditionally, BRMI’s Executive Council (BEC) will now benefit under new leadership. Led by Leigh Ann Thomas, a BRM professional and expert in business process reengineering. The purpose of the BEC is to provide executive thought leadership in implementing and maximizing BRM capabilities worldwide, so as to shape, improve, and advance the BRM discipline and profession.

BRM-Council.pngAs an advisory board consisting of BRM team leaders who are passionate about making an impact in their organizations and the global BRM community, the BRM Council has also experienced 400% growth in 2015. The Council leaders are Stephanie Walsh, BRMP Chair; Arnie Wetherill, BRMP Vice Chair; Terrence Jones, BRMP Vice Chair; Deryl Heitman, BRMP Vice Chair; and Jeremy Byrne, Vice Chair. The purpose of the Council is to work in tandem with the BRMI Leadership Team and the BEC, in order to advance the maturity of the BRM role and BRM communities worldwide.

Derek Storbakken of Service Management Art has taken on the role of Chief Examiner for the existing Business Relationship Management (BRMP) qualification and the developing Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM) qualification. Working on behalf of APMG-International in conjunction with BRMI and various Accredited Training Organizations, his focus is to ensure that these qualifications, courses and examinations are of the highest quality, remain meaningful to the profession, and stay aligned to the latest knowledge that is captured in the BRMiBOK.

These changes and additions to BRMI leadership are reflective of the global increased recognition and adoption of business relationship management as a business capability and business role. BRMI’s initial training and certifications, the Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP), is receiving exceptional support from organizations and BRMs around the globe. Many companies are now requiring/preferring BRMP certifications. BRMI continues to progress the practitioner course, the Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM) and they target a Q2 2016 release of this professional development course.

To mirror the growth of their membership community, BRMI will be hosting BRMConnect, the world’s only BRM conference, in four locations across the world, in 2016. BRMConnect will add a layer of value to your career and organization by combining a social experience into your learning as you position yourself as an expert and connect with peers. Register now to attend BRMConnect in one (or all) of the four locations.

Through all of the aforementioned efforts, BRMI will continue to bring the best knowledge possible in the BRM discipline, the most up-to-date information to the global BRM community, resulting in real-world impact in organizations worldwide.


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