A1 Freight’s Shipping and Transportation Team Expands Fleet with 53-Foot Step Deck

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Demand for A1 Freight System's shipping and transportation services continues to lead the company on a growth trajectory.

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRUnderground) February 23rd, 2016

A1 Freight Systems, a full-service freight brokerage company which caters to the continental United States and Canada, announces the addition of a 53-foot step deck to our fleet. As a freight broker company, A1 Freight Systems makes it possible to connect valued customers with the most reputable carriers. The addition to their fleet compliments the surge in demands for their services.

What is a step deck and how will it contribute to A1 Freight Systems continued success?

A step deck trailer or single drop deck is a particular form of trailer which is similar to that of a flatbed. The difference is that it is designed with two deck levels: the upper deck and the lower deck. This is capable of dropping down once the tractor unit is cleared. Step deck trailers are able to haul significantly taller loads than its flatbed counterpart. It is also considered to be safer as step deck trailers are designed to be closer to the ground. Step deck trailers are able to maximize payload because of its durability while meeting the requirements of all the forms of drop deck trailer applications.

Kara Harris, Office Manager for A1 Freight Systems, remarks. “For any business to flourish and create a reliable reputation for itself in the industry, it is important to have a personal and sincere approach to it. By investing in our shipping and transportation company, we believe that we show our clients that we are serious about being the best in our industry.”

A1 Freight Systems is a shipping and transportation company that offers competitive and highly efficient Agent Development programs. That guarantee to support agents has supported their growth in brokerage operations. Additional credibility and demand for their shipping and transportation company services are owed to their back office support; invoicing, credit checks for customers, claims, collections, receivables, pricing and other related business consultation services.

From single shipments and partial loads to frequent and multiple shipments, A1 Freight Systems provides the best services to ensure that loads arrive safely and on time. This is all made possible due to more than 70 dedicated trucks located across the country. With such an amazingly efficient and large fleet, A1 Freight Systems is able to move and deliver shipments to all 48 states.

With A1 Freight Systems, freight and carrier needs are always met. Their recent addition of a 53-foot step deck shows their commitment to continuously expanding and finding efficient ways to make its services the best to meet ever growing demands. For additional information about A1 Freight Systems fleet call 801-352-7666 or visit www.a1freightsystems.com.

About A-1 Freight Systems

A-1 Freight Systems is a full service freight brokerage that offers specialized hauling in the US and Canada. These shipping and transportation specialists provides excellent service to their customers and carriers through their dedicated fleet, and independent owner operators. A-1 Freight Systems also offers a very competitive Agent Development Program.

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