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A range of recliner chairs available from UK Mobility Direct

Industry: Healthcare

If you have mobility issues and are finding it tough to get out of your favourite chair at home, you should consider buying a recliner chair from UK Mobility Direct.

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) February 26th, 2014

When purchasing a recliner chair, it is important to buy one that offers the maximum in comfort and which best suits your needs.

At UK Mobility Direct there is a range of different recliner chairs available, with different models catering for a variety of different needs.

The UK Mobility Direct recliner chairs range includes the Ascot, Cambridge, Hamilton and Oxford rise and recliner models. All of these are British made and offer people with mobility issues the very best products available in the market today.

UK Mobility Direct’s recliner chairs are handmade and are built to the individual customers’ requirements. The specialists at UK Mobility Direct can build chairs that fit in with your current home and can add polished wooden arms, provide the choice of a number of different materials – such as leather – and install manual or electric operating systems.

If you want a matching sofa then UK Mobility Direct can arrange this too and will get their fully-qualified manufacturers to build a sofa that matches your rise and recliner chair.

So, if you are finding it tough to get out of your chair and feel that you now need a recliner chair or sofa to maintain your independence, call UK Mobility Direct now on 0800 201 4086 or visit their website.

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UK Mobility Direct has a wealth of experience in the mobility sector. This ensures that we deliver the most suitable products for our customers rivalled with excellent customer care and exceptional value for money. All our products are custom made and hand built to the highest standards.

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