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A Giant Breakthrough In Dialectical Anthropogenesis That Turns The Competitive Ladders Upside Down

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Historic Launch of Inter-referentiality Theory of Coherency that Trembles Global Thinking Frameworks of Segmented Darwinian Competitiveness.

South Asia (PRUnderground) November 20th, 2013

Massive detrimental effects of competitiveness have been unveiled by an avant-garde historic  research study by Prof. Qadhi Aurangzeb Al-Hafi. Thebroad-based polygonal investigative work’s outcome is entitled as ‘Codex of Inter-referentiality Theory of Coherency’. The benchmark research appraisal makes a critical analyses of the over-spreads of ‘competitive credo’–a notion that has quite powerfully and robustly obsessed almost all walks of life in the modern-age configurations, for nearly over the last two centuries.

The notion of competitiveness has become our core thinking language- the logical yields of which are, essentially the disintegrations and segmentations of approach, in conceptual as well as implementational work-frames.  From politics to policy making, education systems to public health, and corporate sector to ethical institutions, all are frame-worked in competitive and segmented modes and conceptual formats, indicatingly quotes the preface- prologue of the IRTC codex.

The investigative study makes a dialectical anthropogenic analysis of the present day’s global situation in a totalistic perspective, by descriptively and unequivocally synthesizing the present day’s worst case scenario in an elaborative way,– “The stigma of competitive disintegration, no more, remains merely intellectual but has progressively and quite successively amounted to an intense existential crisis. Numerous manifestations can be seen everywhere –disastrously lethal poverty levels crossing all fatal extents on one hand and an extensively high inflation on the other,– rising waves of violent crimes and suicides in one society and growing numbers of pre-birth disabilities in the other, a health care crises in one region and environmental devastations in another, —all  are— but different facets of a single, and the same crisis—the  varying manifestations of same and inextricably interwoven dis-integrational dismay —the obsessive promotion of segmented competitive ‘credo’–the ‘gross incoherency’, quotes quite assertively the codex’s demonstrative prologue. Elaborating further, the situation, “we are constantly affecting the soil we live on,– the air we breathe in,–the water we dependently endure and survive upon,– the ozone we sustain and persist under,–the underground water reservoirs are unremittingly being toxified brutally, due to ecologically incoherent drainage-sewage practices, ruthlessly premeditated and designed by the vision-less policy makers and the naïve town planners with their essentially segmented competitive obsessions, and all finals all– whole of the environment in its totality, is being pretentious to such threatening extents that the present-day generations are progressively leaving the earth a tougher place for the next generations to survive–that could be an easier place to live otherwise—as we inherited it through centuries and millennia from our ancestor generations” , denounces the cautioning rersearch-review of the polygonal investigative codex-study.

These devastating remnants of epic proportions, strongly stretch an inevitable call for a fundamental transform, and a basic conceptual transition from the Darwinian fragmented dis-integratioal methodology of competitiveness in our affluent formats of life and patterns of mind.

For a principal shift, we have to have a comprehensive composite-coherency frame-working in our educational realms, our ethico-moral hierarchies, our jurisdictive epistemes, our think-tank dominions, -from domestic livelihood-fibers to the socio-cultural webs of interconnectedness.

The codex adopts Al-Ghazali’s verdicts, Ibn-e-Shaheen’s conclusive findings and Al-Razi’s pronouncements for coherency in the realms of cognitive ontology, normative sciences and phenomenology respectively, Geoffrey Chew’s S-Matrix theory for coherency in modern scientific empirical philosophies, Fritjof Capra’s  ‘Big Sur Dialogue’ in the inter-spheric socio-scientific coherency, and the author’s own ‘Inter-Referentiality Theory of Coherency’.

The codex of inter-refrentiality theory of  composite coherency, is an outcome of over a decade broad-based extensive research, based upon at least over one millennium’s multi-cleft poly-genera literature’s review, by a Pakistani arch-theorist of ontology, and a transcendental phenomenologist  Professor Qadhi Aurangzeb Al-Hafi, an inter-disciplinary researcher, theorist and philosopher, who, in the present-time scenarios, preservingly upholds unparalleled multi-disciplinary eruditions in, basic, as well as applied veneers of research. Prof. A. Z. Hafi, zenithly encompasses a wide-spectrumed multilevel eruditions in an upsurge summation of almost 97 subject-fields, with having delivered over 900 transcendental orientations and over 1700 scholarly demonstrations at numerous prestigious institutions all over the Asia region, and henceforth, indubitably imprints his distinct mark-etchings of a compellingly marvelous ‘unparallelness’, in a plethora of learned superfluities within the modern age research ivories.

Anthropogenesis based multi-orbed investigative research review is the one of its nature having none of a paralleled precedence in present era scholarly works within the domain. Prior to the present conceited analysis, are those the findings scrutinized by the famous historian and analyst Toynbee.

Well attended by the scholarly luminaries, the codex demonstration has been hailed as the literal hall-mark scholarship, that meant towards catering the needs of nucleic debates for a certain considerate erudite resolve of the profligate worst-case scenario of present day’s perpetual crisis.

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