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A Cosmetic Doctor in London Dr Firhaas Tukmachi, Interview on Body Shockers Channel 4, 6th Feb 14

Industry: Skin Care

Dermadoc Cosmetic Clinic London is excited to showcase the clinic’s“latest” and “unique” foot cushioning dermal filler treatment.

London (PRUnderground) February 7th, 2014

Look out for London’s Harley Street Cosmetic Doctor- Dr FirhaasTukmachi, founder and medical director of Dermadoc Cosmetic Clinic London who has introduced the niche “foot cushioning” treatment into his clinic, suitable for women who love their heels but feel in agony when wearing them. It has become a “must needed” treatment for most of London’s career women who seem to be rushing around in one of the fastest paced city in the world. Word has got out to Dr Tukmachi’s international clientale who come to see one of London’s humble, charismatic and talented cosmetic Doctor for their cosmetic treatments and most recently are excited to try out the foot cushioning treatment that’s leading to a positive change of life. This foot filler intervention can protect those all-important party feet.

“Body Shockers” will tell Lylah’s story; a patient of Dermadoc who comes to the clinic to have her foot cushioning treatment. Lylah is a junior doctor who loves her heels so much that she even wears heels for work. Her line of work means she’s on her feet all day long; resulting to what in medical terms is a condition called “stiletto-tarsalgia”. Dr Tukmachi clarifies “this condition arises from wearing high heels regularly; and these heels will put a lot of pressure on the ball of the foot,sometimes leading to back pain, bad posture and agony and burning sensation in the feet.” On the show Dr Tukmachi explains that by injecting dermal filler into the ball of the feet will provide cushioning and protection for the feet that will enable women to wear high heels without being in pain. Dr Tukmachi prefers to use hyaluronic based dermal fillers which are natural and high in safety.

Patient testimonial: “Working in the city and wearing high heels for my job on a regular basis, I came to see Dr F TukmachiatDermadoc, who after a detailed and well explained consultation, I decided to go ahead with the foot cushioning treatment using dermal fillers. This has impacted my life for the better and I can now walk around with comfort and ease. I have Dr Tukmachi to thank for his professional and articulate cosmetic technique.”

DrFirhaasTukmachi has been practicing Medicine for the past 8 Years and is a London graduate from St Barts London School of Medicine. He also works in the NHS as a GP and has had a special interest in aesthetic medicine for the past 5 years. He is also a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors and he is looking to play a role in the regulation of the aesthetic industry once it comes underway.

Dr Tukmachi has developed and continues to develop his skills and advanced techniques by attending regular UK and international conferences and lectures from the most recognised Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Cosmetic Doctors worldwide. Dr Tukmachi is considering to expandDermadoc Cosmetic Clinic to Dubai, the capital hub of the Middle East in the near future. He along with his tight-knit team at Dermadoc have worked tremendously hard to achieve a cosmopolitan clinic and to wholeheartedly follow Dermadoc’s ethos of Patient Safety and Patient Satisfaction.

Dermadoc Cosmetic Clinic offers complimentary consultations to new and regular patients, giving them the opportunity to come and get a feel of the clinic, talk to the staff and meet cosmetic doctors who will educate patients about the treatments in detail  without any pressure to book in for treatment . Dermadoc’s returning patient return because they are offered an honest, personalised level of service.

You can see Dr Tukmachi on Thursday 6th February at 10pm on Channel 4′s “Body Shockers” presented by Katie Piper where he will be showcasing this popular “foot cushioning” treatment and demonstrating the procedure on a patient at the clinic.

Dr FirhaasTukmachi specialises in non-surgical cosmetic treatments for the Face: Specialist treatment of lines and wrinkles, lip augmentation, cheek augmentation, nose enhancement and dermaroller treatments and  non-surgical treatments for the Body: Foot cushioning,  Aqualyx Fat dissolving injections (to treat double chin, love handles bingo wings and thighs etc), Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating treatment for under-arm, palms and soles of feet).

For a consultation with Dr Tukmachi at Dermadoc Cosmetic Clinic:

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