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A Catholic Engineer Searches for God: A Story of Empowerment

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Do you believe in God? Most people do…but, in the not-too-distant future, possibly you, maybe your kids, and probably your grandkids, won’t.

USA, Canada (PRUnderground) October 28th, 2015

Do you believe in God? Most people do…but, in the not-too-distant future, possibly you, maybe your kids, and probably your grandkids, won’t. Nonbelief is rising. In fact, the growing number of people questioning their faith, rejecting their beliefs, or wondering what it all means is staggering.

Jack Carlow’s A Catholic Engineer Searches For God: A Story of Empowerment is an entertaining, intriguing and thought-provoking account that will enable readers to comprehend and gradually conclude that there probably is no God and that religion is obsolete.

A Catholic Engineer Searches For Goddescribes how the slow spread of knowledge gradually eroded superstitions and myths (and gods), how multiple gods morphed into one God, and how our current understanding of the vastness of the Universe makes the beliefs of thousands of years ago nonsensical.

Jack Carlow narrates how religions absorb previous belief systems, lack originality and uniqueness, conduct unspeakable crimes and promote false promises. He shows how religions stifle individual creativity and rob people of their self-determination and self-fulfillment. It explains why we don’t need a God as the cause of all that exists (including us) and, that, in fact, we have no proof that God exists. It further provides new proof that the Bible cannot be the “Word of God.” Finally, Carlow spells out why religion is the “greatest Ponzi scheme of all time.”

Among the many interesting issues A Catholic Engineer Searches For God tackles include:

  • The evolution of the idea of God
  • Why people believe and why religion can be harmful
  • Why we don’t need gods anymore because the development of knowledge has made them obsolete
  • The increasing number of scientists, thinkers, and celebrities who are now nonbelievers
  • How the Big Bang theory enables us to understand how the universe could have been created without invoking the need for a God
  • How non-belief allows individuals to decide their own purpose in life, a determination that is emancipating and empowering

Unlike many recent books on the subject of non-belief, which are heavily oriented towards atheists and agnostics which make up only 10% of the population, there is 60-80% of the population that are quietly questioning, quietly wondering about their beliefs.

Readers will appreciate how Carlow clearly and simply explains the argument in favor of atheism. “Most books,” he says “about God, science, evolution, the Big Bang and so forth, are written by brilliant academics often writing for an audience of their fellow colleagues and peers. To the average reader, they’re difficult to understand and the message gets lost. A person should not need an advanced degree in science or theology in order to be able to develop an informed opinion on the existence or non-existence of God. If provided with the right information, they should be able to draw their own conclusions clearly and straightforwardly.

A Catholic Engineer Searches For God is controversial and timely in light of the rise of the New Atheism. It promises to be not only entertaining and informative, but also to be as liberating as it is thought-provoking. Readers will not be disappointed.

About Jack Carlow

Jack Carlow has held influential management positions in many small and large companies. He’s consulted with and motivated hundreds of businesses to grow and prosper, and, today, his firm is recognized as one of the leading small-business consulting firms in the United States. He holds a degree in engineering and an MBA. Raised as a Catholic in a loving home with several siblings, he attended weekly Mass and confession when young. His Irish-Catholic upbringing and parochial school education gave him insight into religion and God. As he grew older, questions and doubts emerged. He witnessed family and friends die due to lack of proper medical treatment as a result of their religious beliefs. With little active thought, things stewed in his mind, processing subconsciously, altering long-held opinions and beliefs. Raised by his parents to think creatively, inquisitively, and independently and trained in engineering school to think logically, he began his search for the meaning of religion and God. The result is this book, which takes the reader logically and easily from belief to questioning to nonbelief.

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