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7 Ways To Prevent Tick-Borne Illness From D.C. Mosquito Squad

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D.C. Mosquito Squad recommends using these 7 ways to help you, your family and pets prevent a tick-borne illness

Sterling, Virginia (PRUnderground) May 16th, 2014

As we approach the warm months of summer and all of the outdoor fun it has to offer, there is also the increased risk tick exposure and tick bites.

Ultimately, the best protection for you and your family against tick-born illnesses such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and other tick-borne infections is to limit your exposure.

D.C. Mosquito Squad recommends following these 7 steps to prevent tick-borne illness

Discourage Deer:  Ticks can travel on deer.  This is why it’s important to prevent deer from entereting your yard by removing plants they’re attracted to and even building physical barriers.

Tumble-Dry Clothing:  Upon returning from a potential tick-zone we recommend tumble drying your clothing on maximum heat for 1-hour.

Examine Pets & Gear:  Ticks can easily “hitch a ride” on your pets so be sure to examine them before returning home.

Check Your Children:  Parents should examine their children for ticks in and around the ears, in armpits, under their knees, inside their belly button, between the legs, an in their hair.

Use Wood Chips or Gravel:  Placing wood-chips or gravel inbetween lawns and wooded areas can help prevent ticks from migrating into your yard.

Isolate Playground Equipment:  Keep your childrens play areas and play equipment away from areas of vegetation, bushes and shrubs.

Consider a Chemical Treatment:  A chemical treatment from D.C. Mosquito Squad can also help dramatcially reduce a tick population.


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