7 Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas from Nunans Florist in Georgetown, Ma

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Nunans Florist and Greenhouse in Georgetown, MA., can help make your home feel ready for the holidays and it does not need to be a big ordeal.

Georgetown, MA (PRUnderground) December 17th, 2015

The Christmas season is here and there is much to do to prepare for family and friends stopping by! With all the rush, rush, rush … here and way over there, it seems that setting aside some time to decorate with any holiday décor just does not seem to make it into the picture as much as we may like.

Or can it?

Nunans Florist and Greenhouses can help make your home feel ready for the holidays and it does not need to be a big ordeal. It can
be as simple as just purchasing a fresh Christmas tree, a simple real undecorated fragrant wreath,
perhaps some greens or roping with a few perfectly in bloom poinsettias with the color of your choice!

7 ways to spruce up your Christmas decorating with just a few basic items:

1. Decorate with Your Extra Christmas Tree Branches:

Decorate using the extra lower limbs on your Christmas tree. Place the fragrant cut branches from the bottom of the tree that you clipped off in order to fit the tree into your tree stand, in a simple planter, pottery pot or container. Gather a few cut twigs from your yard and decorate them with ribbon or spray paint it with your favorite color. Even add some glitter right after you apply the paint before they dry for a little sparkle. The wet paint will let the glitter stick and stay adhered after it dries. Then place them into your container in the middle of your pine branches. You can use florist foam or pebbles in the bottom to secure the branches so they remain upright. Place the completed arrangement in front of your home or besides the fireplace!

2. Pinecones for that Nostalgic Touch:

Find or purchase plain pinecones and group them together in a simple serving dish, bowl or platter. Add in a few colored elements that will “pop”, like gold spray painted pinecones, bright silk flowers or reflective ornaments. Drape a festive wire ribbon to spiral around your creation and set on a coffee table, or side table … and you are done! Get the kids involved with this one by setting out a few fully opened pinecones and have them decorate them while you move on to the rest of the list. Have the kids cover the cones with white school glue, and then they can shake their favorite colored glitter over the glue and let it dry. Add a beaded strand to use as a hanger secured with a bit of help from you and the glue gun. Add a final small bow to finish it off! Hang it on the tree or off of individual hooks to display each child’s masterpiece.

3. Ribbons Year After Year:

Reuse your carefully saved ribbons from last year’s presents in your decor and give them a facelift. Add another complimentary ribbon color and style behind your saved ribbon. Position them so the one in front is offset from the one behind it. This way you can see both loops from each ribbon style. Use floral wire to tie them together. Finally neatly secure the combined bow to a wreath or as a tree topper.

4. Poinsettias Point the Way at the Table:

Select a pixie sized poinsettia (2.5”) for each of your guests coming to your holiday meal. Add in a simple name tag nestled into the leaves within the plant or labeled outside on its container. Your guests will be dazzled by the beauty of your tablescape while easily finding their place to sit and then have a lovely token from you to take home as a gift!

5. Frame It with a Wreath:

Decorate a long hallway or small entryway with a sequence of wreaths. Select the right sized wreath to encompass your pictures or mirror already hanging in that space. Make sure they are just large enough that some of the picture or mirror can be seen through the center opening. Add a few artificial fruit, nuts, dried flowers or berries to break up the green.

6. Door Swag:

Pick up some fresh roping to add some texture, holiday fragrance and festive flare to your doorways. Whether outside or inside you can link your decorative touch from one room to the next with a simple green roping swaged over the door. Create a series of them to lead people into your main space where your Christmas tree is placed.

7. Put it up High:

Suspend holiday lights from the ceiling around the parameter of the room using removable hooks so you don’t mar your walls. Then add simple ribbon loops in various places and at different lengths along the strand of lights. Choose simple colorful ornaments dangling from each loop. This is great for households with pets who love to be curious and get into anything on or near the floor!

Those are just a few easy ideas that are simple to do, won’t take much of your time and yet will set your celebrations into high gear! Do you have some others you have come up with? We would love to have you share them on our Facebook page or tag us on Twitter or Instagram. The most important thing is to do it with or for the people you love and enjoy making those memories!

Have fun with this and decorate to your heart’s desire just don’t stress over the season. Plus if you would rather have our amazing floral design team, dream up something wonderful for you instead please visit Nunans online flower shop!

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