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3d Virtual Indoor Video Surfing Provides the Fantasy of Surfing For any Event

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Virtual Hawaiian Surf Simulator Events Celebrates their 20 year anniversary with new interactive electronic surfboards and 3D Virtual Wave Surfing Software.

Hawaii (PRUnderground) October 30th, 2013

VIRTUAL SURF SIMULATOR EVENTS HAWAII will launch their new, interactive, 3D virtual surfboard emulator system after nearly 10 years in the making.

The new combination of “plug and play”  hardware and  3Dsoftware will deliver an experience that combines the realism and dynamic physics of  realistic water movement.  The proprietary software features the ability to brand the experience with customizable embedded corporate logos. The “”wannabee surfer”  will surf into a thrilling two minute,  20 foot wall of water featuring a Hawaiian north shore “BANZAI PIPELINE” ride of their life.

The new software is the result of an evolution that spans 10 years and has a reach worldwide from DUBAI, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA and NEW YORK  –  used by clients such as Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Wells Fargo Banking, Sony Entertainment, DuPont Science,Sheraton Hotels, Marriott Hotels, Cadybury International, Honda, Goodyear Tire and many more. 

High profile corporate events over the last few years reached as far as DUBAI, South Africa, New York and Japan. These events provided the necessary data and feed back the company needed to create the ultimate experience where everyone and anyone could score huge points and get barreled in the ultimate and extreme “BANZAI PIPELINE” for the ride of their lives. And be forewarned, their are 3D mega sharks,  monster octopus among flying saucers and airplanes swirling around in the virtual tube vortex floating in outer space!

SURF SIMULATOR EVENTS has specialized in event photo opps over the last 20 years and developed several proprietary, interactive surfing software with the ability to change out scenery, backdrops and elements which can be replace with corporate logos, products and brand. The  proprietary software represents client input together with close observation of the participants at hundreds of events. The philosophy and goal was to gather crowds, deliver an exciting interactive experience that was both spectator and interactive while promoting the brand and product.

POOKA POOKA HAWAII is the company from Hawaii that originally manufactured and created the wolds first photo opp system which featured a genuine surfboard and virtual surfing software so that anyone around the world could experience the “FANTASY OF SURFING”. The units are totally safe, non-mechanical and portable – sets up in minutes and can be used with any sized monitor.  The company remains being the only group to create and produce such a system.

The system is totally dependent on the slight movement of the person standing on the board while the interior sensors in a genuine surfboard pick up the movements and interpret them to the computer and then back onto the screen for the “WOW ” experience.  Leis, trophies are all part of the experiential photo opp event.

Since the 1950′s where Elvis and Gidget put Hawaii on the destination map, surfing has always been the icon of Hawaii.The sport portrayed the sun and fun together with the laid back lifestyle of Hawaii as well as the ALOHA of the islanders.

The specially designed photo opp system is only 25 pounds and fits in any standard sized auto. The unit is self contained and is a “plug and play” system only requiring a standard laptop and monitor.

With backgrounds coming from ATARI, NINTENDO, SEGA and NORDIC TRACK, the hardware and software development team is proud to release their new 3d Interactive Surf Photo Opp system for the year 2014.



It all started a little more than two decades ago when a small ad agency was hired to create a never been done before promotion for its client that owned a chain of surf shops. Determined to create and promote to the hilt the Worlds First Indoor Surfing Contest, the agency set to work on developing what was initially a relatively archaic surf simulator. The national broadcast and print media picked up on the event, crowds went wild, the client was beyond thrilled and a business was born. Today, Indoor Virtual VIdeo Surf Simulator Events is the premier developer and primary source for the worlds most advanced and respected indoor surf simulators.

The companys client list reads like a Whos Who of anyone that matters on Wall Street: Disney,Honda Motors, BMW Motors, Good Year Tire Corp., Hawaii 5-0 ,Sony Entertainment, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Discovery Channel, Nike, Motorola and Verizon, to name just a few. All of these companies have experienced the tremendous buzz and energy generated by having an indoor surf simulator at their company party, trade show and events that span from South Africa, Dubai, Japan, Australia and New York.

Now that same level of excitement can be generated anywhere by anyone who owns or rents one of these incredible electronic virtual surf systems. i – 3D Virtual Surf Simulators Hawaii has made it easy with their multifaceted platforms that are light weight, easy to operate and sets up in minutes.

Our genuine surf simulators from Hawaii deliver excitement at any trade show, party, promotion, grand opening, and corporate team building! i – Surf Simulators Hawaii have been in the business for more than 25 years and our experience is what delivers a lasting, unique event for anyone and any age – we are the original and GENUINE made-in -Hawaii! We have been hired for corporate trade shows, retail promotions, museums, restaurant chains, hotels, malls, theaters and more!…any event becomes a sensational hit with our indoor video surf systems.

A Profitable, Fun, Green Business Opportunity Like No Other the company also features reclaimed surfboards www.surfsimulatorevents.com

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