1st Phorm Launches Anabolic Bridge

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1st Phorm is proud to announce the launch of Anabolic Bridge, an ultra-anabolic muscle protein synthesis activator.

St. Louis, Missouri (PRUnderground) February 23rd, 2011

1st Phorm is proud to announce its newest addition to their ultra premium line of performance based nutritional supplements: Anabolic Bridge. Anabolic Bridge began shipping to their authorized retailers nation wide on Monday February 21st 2011.

Anabolic Bridge is an ultra-anabolic muscle protein synthesis activator. Each serving of capsules contains a precise blend of essential amino acids and vitamins that corresponds exactly to the availability of each respective amino acid inside skeletal muscle tissue and the requirements for each specific amino acid on effectively stimulating muscle protein synthesis.

Designed specifically to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, Anabolic Bridge creates an anabolic environment in your body and bridges the gap between meals and protein supplements to maximize muscle protein synthesis and keep your body in a 100% anabolic state around the clock, capitalizing on every opportunity you have to grow and repair muscle.

Chairman and CEO of 1st Phorm, Andrew Frisella, had this to say about the product launch: “After a quite a long time working with our science team to get the perfect ratios of essential aminos, we are very excited to announce the launch of AnaBolic Bridge. It cuts through typical industry hype and addresses the direct issue at hand when it comes to growing muscle (which is) stimulating muscle protein synthesis”

Frisella added: “The key to Anabolic Bridge, or any supplement for that matter, is to make sure it is being used correctly. Many companies will tell you to take amino products on top of your protein or meals, this is incorrect and a waste of money. You will want to use this product for times when it’s been longer than two-three hours since your last dose or meal of protein. Before morning cardio or weights, pre workout or at night may all be excellent times for use of Anabolic Bridge.”

The concept of Anabolic Bridge Anabolic Bridge is to make it easier and more convenient for athletes to stimulate muscle protein synthesis in order to keep their bodies in an anabolic state and out of a catabolic one. This is where the name of the product and its slogan “bridge the catabolic gap” originate.

“If you are using Anabolic Bridge correctly, it may not be a product you will use everyday, especially if you have your meal plan down and are consistent with it most of the time, but it’s a great product to have when you need it. It’s a product that any athlete who is serious about training can benefit tremendously from when those mini crisis’ of missed meals hit us all from time to time. Because no matter how well you plan … it happens to all of us.” said Frisella.

It is important to note that Anabolic Bridge contains no hormones or hormone precursors and is completely legal in all drug-tested organizations and professional sports. Look for Anabolic Bridge on the shelves of authorized retailers by the end of this week. You can find more information about Anabolic Bridge and all the other high performance 1st Phorm products as well as information on becoming a 1st Phorm Authorized Retailer on 1st Phorm’s website … www.1stPhorm.com.

1st Phorm is a wholly owned subsidiary of 1st Phorm International L.L.C. and is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.


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