1st Phorm Announce Special Online Pricing For 1-Db Overdrive & Thyro-Drive

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1st Phorm is now offering discount pricing for 1DB Overdrive when ordering a F.A.S.T pack.

St. Louis, Missouri (PRUnderground) February 24th, 2011

1st Phorm is very excited to offer special online pricing for its 1 Db Overdrive

and Thyro-Drive when purchased together as a F.A.S.T pack. F.A.S.T pack stands for Fast Acting Sustained Theromgenic.

The two products are specifically designed to work in tandem to attack fat loss from multiple angles and produce the best possible result for the athlete. The 1-Db Overdrive F.A.S.T. pack works by pairing up two powerful fat burners to elevate you metabolism, increase energy levels, control appetite and naturally optimize thyroid function.

For athletes looking to get the best possible results in the shortest amount of time the 1 Db Overdrive F.A.S.T. pack is the best possible option. Because Thyro-Drive is stimulant free it is perfect to take right along side 1-Db Overdrive for even better fat loss results.

“We wanted to encourage people to try both products together and let them get the products in their hands to see for themselves how effective both products can be when used together. It’s really a night and day difference between anything else on the market. The main advantage you get when you use our products is that you are getting full efficacious doses of the ingredients included in the products, where other companies will sell you a product with a thousand different ingredients on the label, but you aren’t getting an effective dose of any of them. That’s not how we choose to do things here.” said Chairman & CEO Andrew Frisella.

Normally on 1st Phorm.com 1-Db Overdrive is $73.99 and Thyro-Drive is $54.99, but now through a special offer on a discount website www.1DbOverdrive.com you can get the two products together for only $74.99! This is a savings of $53.99 or 40% off!

Frisella added “The reality, and a fact that people need to become more aware of, is that you can’t fit everything that works at the correct dose into a couple caps which is why we created two products that work together. Sure, it might not be the cheapest option out there, but our products work very well and do exactly what they say they will do. If your asking me, I’d rather spend a few extra dollars upfront to get a product that works right away, instead of having to buy product after product that doesn’t live up to its claims only to pour hundreds of dollars down the toilet along months of valuable time only to end up frustrated. Everyone here at 1st Phorm, myself included, stand behind our products 110% … if you don’t like it send it back.”

As always, all 1st Phorm products come with a 110% Full Satisfaction guarantee. At 1st Phorm we bet that once you use our products you’ll never use anything else ever again.

You can find more information about 1-Db Overdrive & Thyro-Drive and all the other high performance 1st Phorm products as well as information on becoming a 1st Phorm Authorized Retailer on 1st Phorm’s website … www.1stPhorm.com.

1st Phorm is a wholly owned subsidiary of 1st Phorm International L.L.C. and is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.


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