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10 Ways To Stop Trading Dollars For Hours & Turn Your Expertise Into Information Products

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Rodney Washington Entrepreneur Mentor shares his best tips for creating multiple streams of leveraged income based on one core in a FREE teleseminar!

Nationwide (PRUnderground) July 24th, 2012

Did you know that 60% self-employed coaches and consultants feel trapped in their business? Why? Because they’ve set up their business based on the one-to-one income model.

The #1 problem with this model rears its ugly head when burnout sets in from having manage too many one-to-one clients, and the realization that you can’t take time off and continue to have income coming in?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that 15.3 million Americans are self-employed, up from the 9 million in 2011. While starting a home based business is on the rise so is the stress level.

60% reported feelings of high stress and anxiety to overwhelm due to not having a enough personal time to recharge and replenish.

Unfortunately a harsh reality the newly self-employed quickly discover is they have a tendency to take advantage of and mistreat one of their most prized and productive employees – themselves.  The four most common complaints my clients report are:

   •    Attracting prospects that aren’t an ideal match for their services

   •    Continually having to justify rates and fees

   •    Running from networking meeting, to networking meeting resulting in no new clients?

   •    Under charging and over delivering

Unfortunately working long hours with less time off sets the stage for a melt down waiting to happen. So why become an entrepreneur? That’s the question I will answer on a new FREE teleseminar.

As an Entrepreneur Mentor & Business Coach, Rodney teaches his clients How To Leverage Their Expertise & Time Into Multiple Streams of Income by sharing 10 leveraged income models that any entrepreneur (especially coaches or freelance consultants) can implement into their business. Some in as little as 48 hours.  

On a new free tele seminar Leverage Your Expertise For Cash Rodney Washington will tackle the common problems the majority of self employed coaches and consultants face and teach simple systems move out from under the, “Paid-By-The-Hour-Model”

“You started your business not just to make money, but to enjoy a better quality of life.  For me that means enjoying a cup of coffee at a local favorite coffee shop. Hanging out at the beach or park, hopping a flight for a mini vacation, hanging out with my friends, reading a book, catching a movie in the middle of the day or taking a nap!”  “I bring the joy back into owning a business” – says Rodney

All of this is possible when you start to focus on two things:

  1. Systemizing your marketing and
  2. Focusing and re-directing your resources on creating programs, products and services that your target audience wants that aren’t totally dependent on you delivering them one-to-one.

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Rodney Washington is a entrepreneur mentor and author of the book Eye On Marketing: 41 Days From Struggle and Confusion to Clarity & Profits he teaches self employed coaches and consultants that embracing self-employment no longer means having to work themselves into the ground.

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